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Figuritas: Marte Ataca (Sobre 8)

Y casi llegamos al final. Las siguientes figuritas no aparecieron en el set original, sino que corresponden a uno posterior publicado en 1994. Corresponden a un grupo de dibujos pintados en 1989 por Herb Trimpe y Earl Norem, pero que no fueron dados a conocer hasta 1994.

Algunos están basados en bocetos hechos a lápiz por el gran Wally Wood, y los demás son totalmente novedosos. La historia es básicamente igual a la original, con el agregado de dos razas marcianas: los Paeecs, pacíficos e intelectuales, y los Gnards, belicosos y guerreros.

A continuación las figus con su correspondiente texto en idioma original.

For centuries the Earth has been observed by the Paeecs, a peaceful tribe of Martians. Known as a compassionate and intellectual race, the Paeecs envisioned a sharing of culture and technology with their closest neighbors. Extremely talented, Paeecs used advanced cloning techniques to turn barren Martian wasteland into lush outposts of flora and fauna splendor. Loyal to a fault, the Paeecs were monogamous and dedicated to family values. It was through these values that the Paeecs hoped to solve the problems threatening the very existence of the planet Mars. A failed attempt to peacefully make contact with the planet Earth resulted in the dominance of the war-like Gnard tribe. The Gnards were the driving force behind the attack on the planet Earth.

The mighty Martian assault force systematically scouted large sections of unpopulated countryside. The barren, open areas served as strategic points to amass large assault forces as well as serving as refueling ports away from prying eyes. The element of surprise was essential to the Martians' plans for world dominance. The advance scouts moved as quietly as the hushed saucers that made no noise as they landed in the grassy valley. This night there would be no witnesses to the beginning assault as strict orders were carried out- kill every Earthling that you encounter so that the secret arrival of the Martians will be ensured!

Destruction came swiftly for the love-struck teens as flying saucers reduced a drive-in theater to rubble. Teenagers tuned-in to drive-in speakers were unaware of emergency announcements broadcast by local radio stations warning of imminent invasion forces from Mars. Martian spaceships silently appeared in the star-studded sky, sending bolts of their giant death rays towards the fleeing crowd. Panicked teenagers, in a last ditch effort to escape the Martian massacre unnoticed, drove their cars with lights off, running over many of their friends in the process. Overwhelming numbers of the Martian flying saucers, aided by bright exterior spotlights on the hulls of the saucers, ensured that no one escaped the drive-in parking lot.

Quoting from a captured Martian Invasion Handbook, "A dead Earthling is a good Earthling," Martians had little use for prisoners. Because of the language barrier between the two races, new information from prisoners was impossible to obtain. Instead, Martians gleefully tied prisoners, usually brave army soldiers, to the exhaust ports of their land assault vehicles. Many a brave man died for his planet as the switch was thrown activating the thrust of solar-powered engines. Martian leaders, gleefully aware of the panic factor in such executions, used hidden cameras equipped with sophisticated broadcasting devices to telecast their atrocities to the Earth's major networks. The President of the United States ordered the television signals jammed, but millions of viewers in Europe and Asia were exposed to the horrors of the Martian invaders.

Having studied the inhabitants of the Earth from afar for centuries, the Martians now had the opportunity to learn more about the Earthmen first hand. Captured victims were beamed aboard a flying saucer where a Martian laboratory had been set up to study the physiological make-up of the Earthlings. While some of the equipment was advanced Martian technology, there were also some unfortunate shortcomings in the laboratories. A most serious and painful one was the fact that no form of anesthesia existed on Mars. Therefore the painful experiments rivaled the most horrific tortures of mankind's history. One kidnapped victim of vivisection lived barely long enough to see his beating heart torn from his open chest cavity. With his dying breath he heard his wife screaming in horror as she watched helplessly... knowing she would be the next victim of the sadistic scientists.

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