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Figuritas: Marte Ataca (sobre 9)

Lo pendiente debe ser terminado. Pronto publicaré las notas finales sobre Giger que aun debo. Mientras tanto cerramos la entrega de Marte Ataca con las últimas expansiones publicadas en 1994. Incluye una versión modernizada de su imagen más polémica: la de la muerte del perro.

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By a direct order of the President of the United States, all non-essential commercial flights were canceled. Due to direct hits by Martian forces on strategic air force bases, aviation fuel had become in very short supply. All remaining fuel was to be conserved for use by the U.S. Army jet fighters in combatting the Martian invaders in direct air to air assaults. The last commercial airliner to fly, Flight 509 to Hawaii and full of reveling holiday vacationers, met with disaster just minutes from its scheduled landing. A Martian flying saucer, just launched from its secret base inside of and extinct Hawaiian volcano, sliced through the plane fuselage like a hot knife through butter. All 207 passengers, including 48 women and 42 children, were killed.

Hungry and alone, a young girl wanders the desolate streets in search of her missing parents. The little girl wonders if her mommy and daddy will spank her for taking the cloth doll from the broken window of the toy store. Coming across the sweet shoppe, the girl is puzzled to find the store open with no one around. Hunger wins out as she helps herself to two scoops of delicious strawberry ice cream. She knows that it is wrong to steal and leaves her last buffalo nickel on the counter. As the tired, befuddled girl leaves the shoppe she encounters a Martian, which frightens her greatly. Not knowing that she should run in fear, she offers her ice cream cone as a sort of peace offering asking, "Will you be my friend?"

Before the Martian invasion, warring gangs roamed the streets of New York City. Bloodshed was a common sight as factions clashed for no other reason than the colors of their skin were different! Being the wrong color on the side of the street brought out tensions which boiled over. When the Martians attacked, the gangs realized that there no longer was a right or wrong side of the street. A truce, brought about by the gang leaders, united all gangs regardless of race or color against a common threat- the destruction of the human race by a Martian invasion force. Knives, chains, axes, and rocks, once handy weapons used by humans against humans, were now used against a common foe. For the first time gangs banded together to repel this invasion of their turf. How long the truce would last was anyone's guess. They just knew that it would last long enough to fight back against the Martians.

Following the swift and utter destruction of Earth's major cities, Martian leaders ordered their death squads to spread fear and death into the suburbs. Like every other Saturday, a boy and his sister, along with their faithful dog, made the trip into their local five and dime store. A pocket full of change was traded for bubble gum, trading cards, and comic books, all the things that made being ten years old fun. This Saturday, however, was different as Martian hit squads used atomic powered ray guns and solar powered flame throwers to destroy everything in their path. More horrific than any science fiction story ever imagined in a comic book, the Martians had arrived in the suburbs.

Mutated insects, enlarged hundreds of times by Martian scientists, swarmed over the Earth in search of breeding grounds. Damp, dark corners made ideal nesting areas in which these slimy, vile insects laid thousands of fertile eggs. A bevy of coeds accidentally stumbled upon one such nesting ground in the women's locker room showers. The giant insect, in an effort to protect her hatching brood, used her massive mandibles and sharp teeth to eliminate her victims. Coeds that would have shrieked at the sight of the insect even at its normal size ran in blind terror, falling victim to the enlarged insect's decapitating pinchers.

Army forces began mopping up after successfully routing the Martian high command. Braving being caught in the cataclysmic death-throes of a dying planet, the triumphant Earth forces raised the American flag in the barren Martian soil. For the first time in the history of mankind, the flag is proudly flown on another planet. As geologic forces began to rupture the very core of the red planet, the few remaining army soldiers, running dangerously low on oxygen, returned to the awaiting spaceships. As the red dust swirled from the thrusts of the spaceships engines, Army soldiers ecstatic over their triumph over the Martians saluted "Old Glory" as it disappeared from sight.

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Que buena colección, recorde los tiempos de mi infancia.- Gracias por compartirla, saludos y felicitaciones.-